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Review Placid Lassie Boogie

Guys, those were two days!

Two days with you that we will never forget!

Our first attempt to organize a skydiving boogie together with the Flying Bones was a complete success.

Around 130 skydivers from 9 countries gathered at the Drop Zone Flying Bones at airfield Tannheim on June 18 and 19 to celebrate a first-class boogie.

Placid Lassie, a Douglas DC-3 / C-47 did the honors and dropped its precious cargo – you – at 2500m above Tannheim.
An airplane that was used 80 years ago on D-Day in Normandy and later supplied Berlin as part of the airlift.

Skydivers exit Placid Lassie

Placid Lassie in action

Skydive Nation’s first boogie booth ever   //  pic: Stefan Köppel

This boogie was not about the coolest landing, the wildest swoops or the craziest stunts. It was about celebrating a festival together, experiencing world history up close and making skydiving history ourselves.

And we did that together!
I don’t know where I last saw so many happy faces in one place.
It was a very special vibe that we couldn’t have imagined beforehand.

By the way: what do you think of our weather planning?
Monday: Rain
Boogie Tuesday: Sun, 30 degrees Celsius.
Boogie Wednesday: Sun, 28 degrees Celsius.
Thursday: Cloudy and rain.
How lucky you have to be to catch exactly the only two summer days of 2024 in Germany so far for an event of this dimension! 😉

For most of our team, this was their first jump out of a DC-3.
How did you feel? Were you also surprised by the propwash during the exit?
How awesome was that? I still get goosebumps today when I think about it.
Just an epic jump.

We as the organizing team of Flying Bones and Skydive Nation would like to thank all skydivers! Without you, no festival, no boogie!

And of course for the great support from UPT Vector, Cookie, Westerwings and Alti-2, who were there as exhibitors. And also to all the other supporters like Jyro, Krav, Sunpath, base-jumper.de, Performance Designs , European Skydiving Symposium , Option Gravity, and many more.

Thanks also to Pixi and Al from UPT and Cookie! With your legendary positive energy you have contributed to making this boogie unforgettable for all of us!

Pixie, Flo and Al (who thinks his new cap is very cool…we hope ) 😉 (from right to left)   //  pic: Stefan Köppel

Placid Lassie waiting for Skydivers

Skydivers could jump Placid Lassie, Antonov AN-2 and a Porter.   //  pic: Stefan Köppel

Of course, the Boogie would never have happened without the Tunison Foundation, who made it all possible with their airplane Placid Lassie.

Thanks to Daniel from Corporate Driving Solutions, who provided us with his shuttle vehicles! Guys, if you ever need driving services for events, get in touch with him!
This crazy guy is one of us himself and jumps out of airplanes!

But the biggest thank you goes to our many volunteers on site!
We managed to rock a really big event with a relatively small team! We can be really proud of that!

If you want to give us feedback, please just write us an email to


We are grateful for any form of honest criticism so that we can grow and offer you an even better experience next time.

Enjoy the summer! Thanks again and Blue Skies!

Flo ( skydive-nation.com )

Chris Load Organizer Skydive Nation

Chris is busy like hell – as always. Thank’s bro!   //  pic: Stefan Köppel

Skydivers landing Skydive-Nation.com

Some happy faces. That’s the vibe.   //  pic: Nicolae Soare

Skyfam united   //  pic: Stefan Köppel