Be a part of a world record

Hey Skydivers!
Hopefully you don’t have any plans for July 13 yet?
And if you do: cancel your appointments! Because you are needed!
For nothing less than a world record in skydiving!

The World Skydiving Day

This collaboration, which started with four of the largest skydiving associations in the world, will be historic!
It’s not about flying the biggest formations, the wildest performance or the fastest headdown.
Anyone can take part – even if you’ve never skydived before!
Because a tandem jump on this day also counts towards the record statistics.

We as Skydive Nation think this is a great idea and support World Skydiving Day with this call to action!

The United States Parachute Association, Australian Parachute Federation LTD, The Canadian Sport Parachuting Association (CSPA), British Skydiving, New Zealand Parachute Industry Association and Parachute Association of South Africa are calling on you to take part in this unique, global event. But every other association, every other drop zone and every skydiver worldwide can also take part.

Skydivers landing

When, how and where can you take part?

To celebrate the fantastic sport of skydiving, the World Skydiving Day is going to set a WORLD SKYDIVING DAY RECORD.
This collaboration, which started with four of the largest skydiving associations in the world, will be historic – and YOU can be part of it!

Everywhere! There are hundreds of skydiving centers all over the world.
No matter what country you are in and what drop zone you choose to skydive at, you are welcome to make a jump on World Skydiving Day and be a part of this record!

On WORLD SKYDIVING DAY of course! The first annual celebration is JULY 13th, 2024, and will repeat each year on the second Saturday in July.

Anyone who has an interest in making a skydive! If you have never jumped before, just fancy a tandem skydive!
If you are a licensed skydiver, you are encouraged to head to your favorite skydiving center and make a few jumps that will count towards the WORLD SKYDIVING DAY RECORD.

Make a skydive on July 13th, 2024. Submit proof of your skydive and be counted in the World Skydiving Day Record. This includes tandem skydives, as well as jumps made by licensed skydivers.
Anyone who participates can order a certificate to show they were part of a WORLD SKYDIVING DAY RECORD!

Check out the website of World Skydiving Day for more info!

Please also have a look at the Drop Zones on our Drop Zone Finder and ask if they are participating in this event.
Skydive Nation wishes you all a lot of fun setting a new world record!

Blue Skies!