A platform for skydivers

Skydive Nation is all about skydiving!
This is a start up for all of us and by all of us.

What makes us different?

Unlike other websites, we don’t look like a multiplayer game that wants to collect your data.


We want to provide a service for all skydivers to promote our sport, to support you and provide a hub where you can find everything you need for your sport and your business.
We are different – because skydivers are different.

Get involved – whether with a blog post, your business, videos,
pictures or simply a good idea!

Let’s create something that makes life easier for skydivers,
drop zones and businesses alike.
A completely new platform that is uncomplicated, modern, up to date
and finally makes the awkward search for information easier in our
awesome but niche sport.

It’s time to turn a Sky Fam into a Skydive Nation.
Be part of it!


Most of us are passionate skydivers ourselves,
from beginners to professionals who have been skydiving for decades.
We all have a professional background in marketing, sales and advertising at the biggest companies in the media industry such as Warner Bros, Sky, Discovery, in agencies, IT, or tourism and we include former paratroopers.
We also have great support from the diverse world of skydiving, community, pro’s, drop zones and other partners.