A once in a lifetime thrill!

And an opportunity to get into skydiving.

The feeling of skydiving

A tandem jump is the perfect way to experience the feeling of skydiving without any previous experience or training.
You will be firmly and safely attached to a tandem instructor with a harness.
The tandem instructor will also do the work for you during the jump. All you have to do is enjoy the adrenaline rush and the incredible view.

After a short briefing on the ground, the tandem harness is customized for you and off you go to the plane. The climb, which usually lasts 15-20 minutes, gives you the opportunity to enjoy the view of the landscape.
Once the jump altitude of 3000-4000m is reached, the door is opened and the fun begins!

The free fall lasts approx. 35-60 seconds, depending on the jump height, and you rush towards the ground at approx. 200 km/h.
You will never forget this feeling again.
Adrenaline, fun and action. No other sport can give you this rush.
After the canopy opens, the speed reduces to a gentle hover, which gives you another opportunity to enjoy the surroundings and experience the feeling of flying. After another 5 minutes, you land gently and safely on the drop zone.
You will feel the action for a long time to come and can be proud of yourself for having jumped out of an airplane! Who can say that about themselves?
For many skydivers, a tandem jump is the initial spark to take a course and learn to skydive themselves.

What do you wear for a tandem jump?

You can wear normal clothes.
Preferably not too baggy clothes.
Many drop zones will also provide you with a jumpsuit.
Normal sneakers or sports shoes are the first choice when choosing shoes.
The rest of your equipment, such as a helmet and goggles, will also be provided by the drop zone.
Many drop zones offer a video and photo service. Here, the tandem instructor films you from the wrist with an action cam. You can often also book an extra cameraflyer to film you from the best perspectives during the freefall.

Where can you experience tandem skydiving?

There is a drop zone in the vicinity of almost every town. More than you might think.
Simply choose the drop zone best located for you, or book specifically at an exciting location somewhere in the world.
You can also find an overview, contact details and websites of the drop zones under the menu item Drop Zones.

So let’s go! What are you waiting for? Blue Skies!

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