Skydive Chicago

3215 E 1969th Rd, Ottawa, IL 61350


Skydive Chicago’s team is dedicated to excellence in customer service, facilities, and safety. Setting the standard through an evolving culture where goals become achievements, moments become memories, and friendships last forever.

The facilities at Skydive Chicago are second to none and are seldom seen in the world of skydiving! Skydive Chicago’s facilities serve as the ultimate campus for comfort and learning whether making your first skydive or 20,000th – we have it all!

Ready to make your first-time jump?

Experience that adrenaline rush you’ve been looking for as you step out into thin air and freefall for 60 seconds, hitting speeds of up to 120 MPH while harnessed to an experienced tandem skydiving instructor!! Then take in the sights while enjoying an amazing 5-7 minute canopy flight during your descent down to Earth.

Skydive Chicago™ contracts the finest Tandem Instructors in the industry. They have thousands of skydives of experience. Each one is held to the highest standards above and beyond what is required. Be confident that you will be skydiving with the best!

Advanced Freefall Program

The Advanced Freefall Program (AFP) at Skydive Chicago™ is an exclusive instructional program originally developed in 1984 by Roger Nelson. AFP has evolved over the years into the most progressive and complete curriculum used in the skydiving world today. The AFP curriculum has inspired USPA’s requirements for self-supervision, thus producing more competent and confident skydivers. Unlike with other programs, AFP graduates have excelled in all aspects of the sport becoming National and World Champions.

Funjumpers are always welcome at Skydive Chicago!

Please find details and pricing at our website.

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