Breathtaking views of the fjords!

Our season runs from the last weekend in April through the middle of September.
First time jumpers, experienced jumpers, members and spectators are welcome to visit our beautiful drop zone. At Skydive Voss you get to experience the magic combination of the spectacular nature and the “Vossa spirit” – an open and inclusive spirit at the drop zone!

During these months, we offer beginner skydiving courses every week, and tandem skydives every day.

Different events and training courses are organised to offer members and visitors unique experiences and to give the opportunity to progress in the sport.

The drop zone is located 5 minutes from the town of Voss, and only an hour from Bergen. The wind tunnel is located in between the town and the drop zone.

About Skydive Voss:
• Founded in 1978 by Odd Dagfinn Hårklau
• Is the largest skydiving club in Norway, with more than 30 000 jumps being done at the drop zone every year. The club has about 3000 members.
• Trains more than 200 new skydivers every year and does approximately 2000 tandem skydives as well.
• A sports club organised with a board consisting of 6 members and 2 representatives from the Norwegian Skydiving Federation.

Skydive Voss
Flyplassvegen 135
5705 Voss
Phone:  +47 56 51 10 00

last weekend in April through the middle of September.