Build a skydiver

The things you need for skydiving

There are tons of stylish skydiving equipment.
But there are a few things that you can’t do without.
Here you will find everything at a glance and can link directly to the suppliers’ websites.
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A helmet is mandatory. There are helmets with and without visors.
The helmets also have space for audible altimeters (Dytter).
It protects us in the airplane and protects us from possible collisions to the head when jumping with other skydivers. Of course, it also protects us during unintentional landings.


If you are using a helmet without a visor, you should jump with special goggles, otherwise you will hardly see anything in freefall. Skydive goggles are usually made of flexible material that does not splinter.


An altimeter is part of every jump. It allows us to read the current altitude and shows us the right moment to initiate certain maneuvers, such as opening the parachute. There are two types of altimeter: Analog and digital. Which one you use is up to you and is a personal choice. Students usually jump with an analog model, as it is easier to read the altitude from the pointer.


Audibles (also known as dytters) are useful additions to the altimeter. They measure the height independently and emit acoustic signals at pre-set heights. Audibles can be integrated into helmets. Audibles are therefore also an additional safety backup should there be any problems with the altimeter worn on the arm.


Wearing gloves is optional. They protect the hands from the cold and during uneven landings.
The models are very flexible and should fit the hand perfectly so that you have a secure grip when pulling the parachute and controlling the parachute.


Of course you can also jump with normal clothing. But jumpsuits have many good features. They not only protect you from the wind and cold. Depending on the model, they also have different benefits in freefall. There are also suits with handles on the arms and legs, which are used for formation jumping and are also used on student suits.


The most important component in skydiving: The container with the main and reserve parachute. There are many different models from different manufacturers. Depending on the size of the canopy, the containers are also different in size. Beginners generally use larger canopies, while professionals often prefer smaller, faster and more maneuverable models. There are an infinite number of small details on a rig that can be combined. Therefore, the choice of container and canopy should ALWAYS be discussed with an experienced skydiver. No mistakes should be made here, because your survival literally depends on this equipment.


Together with the container, canopies are the most important parts of a rig. Our lives literally depend on them. There are different shapes and sizes, all of which have their own special flight characteristics. The choice of a canopy should always be made with an experienced skydiver. As a general rule, the smaller the canopy, the faster and more agile it is, but also the more difficult it is to control.
In addition to the main canopy, there is also a reserve canopy in the container, which must also be perfectly matched to the other components.