YEEEHA! First partner drop zones are on board!

We are delighted to present the first Drop Zones on Skydive Nation!

It’s a pleasure to be able to list and present the first Drop Zones!
First of all we welcome our home Drop Zone, the Flying Bones from Tannheim in Germany!
This small but nice Drop Zone sees itself more as a big skydiving family. A great vibe, excellent instructors and tandem pilots. I learned to fly there and always enjoy going back to jump and improve my skills.

Skydive Altenstadt, Germany, is also there!
These fellow skydivers are regularly at our drop zone and organize small boogies and events.
They are particularly proud of their heli boogies, which they organize twice a year.

Skydive Tønsberg, Norway is also already on board.
Located close to Oslo, you have a unique view over the Oslofjord from here.
Tandem guests, students and solo jumpers are always welcome.

¡Hola a España e olá a Portugal!
Say hello to two fantastic drop zones that are always worth a visit!
Skydive Spain and Skydive Algarve!

And then a big HELLO to New Zealand!
With Skydive Auckland and NZ Skydiving School we have two skydiving giants on board!
Not only can you book the highest tandem jumps in New Zealand with our New Zealand friends, but you can also start a career in skydiving and train to become a professional skydiver!

Just take a look at these drop zones!
That’s right, you’ll find the Drop Zone Finder at the top of our website 😉

Blue Skies!

Skydiver swooping