Skydive Nation is going online!

Ready, set, juuump! Skydive Nation takes its first leap into lofty heights! And we’re thrilled to have you on board!

What drives us to invest so much effort and money into a platform like this?
I’ve spent 20 years in the media business with the world’s biggest companies. From RTL2 to Sky, Discovery Communications, and Warner Bros. So, you could say I have a certain creative mind and extensive experience in marketing and promotion. Now, it’s time for me to wholeheartedly dedicate myself to my great passion: skydiving. My partners and I share this vision: a home for the entire skydiving world. What struck me immediately during my early days as a skydiver: The entire world of skydiving is completely fragmented. Whether you’re looking for equipment manufacturers, drop zones, colleagues, or staff – everything requires extensive searching, endless emails, and phone calls… a time-consuming endeavor. This sport thrives on the people who live and love it. And perhaps no other sports community is as passionately involved as skydivers. Of course, not everyone is a marketing expert. And certainly, not everyone has the time and resources to consider a platform that could bring together the entire periphery of skydiving, make it user-friendly, and elevate it to an unprecedented level.
Skydive Nation - home of skydiving. This is a blog obout skydiving for every Skydiver around the world.

Imagine the possibilities this will offer!

For every skydiver, whether a beginner seeking a drop zone, wanting to connect with other jumpers, acquire equipment, or simply gather information.
Or for a professional looking for a new canopy, seeking to form a team, needing repair assistance, or searching for sponsors or partners.
On the other side, think about the providers, merchants, and organizers. What if there was a platform where they could be directly connected to customers?
A platform that aligns its offerings with customers’ wishes and needs, streamlines communication, and concurrently provides an unprecedented opportunity for global promotion and marketing!
Whether you’re a skydiver or a provider – Skydive Nation aims to bring everyone together, support you, and infuse new energy into your passion.
It’s high time we improve networking in the skydiving community so that we all can benefit. Skydive Nation intends to offer all of this and more.
Are you interested in a partnership?
Do you want to be involved from the start as a business partner, sponsor, or see another benefit for your company or organization?
Contact us! Almost anything is conceivable and possible.
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Stay tuned because this is just the beginning!
Blue skies!
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