We made it into Skydive Mag!

Who would have thought it?

Only launched at the beginning of the year, nobody knew Skydive Nation, nobody saw the sense and purpose of such an online platform… But that has changed.
You can see our stickers on all kinds of dropzones (sorry, it wasn’t us! ūüėČ ), people are having fun with our shirts and setting a sign for skydiving.
Together with the Flying Bones, we organize our first boogie and have our own booth at various boogies, such as the Summer Spring Festival in Hildesheim.

And it’s slowly catching on with drop zones, manufacturers and retailers: Skydive Nation is the shortcut between skydivers and the industry. And we are giving our sport a real push. For all of us!

But now it’s coming true – what an honor in the skydiving world: we’ve made it into SkydiveMag!
Of course, it’s about the already legendary Placid Lassie Boogie at Tannheim airfield on June 18 and 19, 2024.
Of course it’s about the arduous journey of the 80-year-old aircraft.
And of course it’s about 80 years of D-Day. The liberation of Europe.
We hope you enjoy reading the article in SkydiveMag and would like to thank all our partners and Sponsors, without whom such an event would not be possible.

Blue Skies!

Placid Lassie Boogie