Meet Camera Flyer Erik Lorenz

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The man who made his first jump in 1987 and was once a tandem instructor, examiner, skydive instructor and one of the first wingsuiters in Germany has long been one of the best camera flyers in the air.
With over 7650 jumps and over 3700 video and photo missions, Erik and his Team Airbus 8Way won the World Championships bronze medal in Eloy / USA in 2022, 6th place in Australia in 2018 and 3rd place in 2023 with 4-Way Dark Neva at the German Championships.
But he is not afraid of larger swarms of birds either and took part in the largest German freefall formation with 231 jumpers in 2012.

We are proud and very happy to be able to use and include some of his recordings and photos on Skydive Nation!

If you want to find out more about Erik and his work, you can find him on Instagram:

And check out Team Airbus 8Way!

You better watch out in the air!
Because someone is probably making a video of you right now! ūüėČ

Blue Skies!

Camera Flyer Erik Lorenz
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