Skydive Nation goes European Skydiving Symposium

Hey there! We will be at the European Skydiving Symposium from March 6-8 in Warsaw!

The whole world of skydiving in one place – that’s exactly our vision. What could be more natural than to be there too and talk to partners from all over the world in person!
We are looking forward to exciting days full of information, news and new contacts!
If you see us, feel free to talk to us!

About the Event:

The European Skydiving Symposium is the biggest skydiving-oriented conference in the CEE Region and the only conference of this size in Europe. We gather experts, members of the skydiving community, instructors, and gear specialists from our industry. Our main objective is to increase safety. The expo is an addition to more than 40 safety-related seminars. It’s an event with various presentations about safety, incident analysis, discussion panels, debates, new innovations… and so much more.

The skydiving community gathered in one place before the next season starts is the best way to learn new things, revise safety procedures, meet new people, or plan some skydiving adventures and boogies together.

Check out the Symposium:

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