Let’s talk about the European Skydiving Symposium!

Hey Sky Fam!

This blog post could be started and ended with a single sentence:

“That was awesome! Thanks, CU again 2026 – for sure!”

But that wouldn’t do this event, which is unique on European soil, justice in the slightest.

We already had a good feeling beforehand. As you all know, Skydive Nation is still quite young and, alongside some legendary names, we first have to and want to build up a reputation, so we approached our visit to Warsaw with a completely open mind.

The communication with the organization team of the European Skydiving Symposium was excellent right from the start and so we finally met a team of organizers on site who gave us a very warm welcome. The spirit for the event and the passion for the sport of skydiving with which Marta Molińska and her crew are fully committed is unique. I have rarely experienced such perfectly timed keynotes, supporting program, execution and organization. And I’m not even afraid to compare it with the business I used to be in: the really big players in the media world.

Brian Germain talking about Skydiving Safety

Brian Germain

BIll Booth UPT at European Skydiving Symposium

Bill Booth

But what is a symposium like this anyway?
For whom is it interesting?

Let’s start with point two.

The answer is simple: anyone who is interested in skydiving, whether civil or military, can learn an enormous amount here and take practical tips home with them.

Whether you’re a drop zone manager, rigger, instructor level, pro or “just” a fun jumper – the range of presentations and exhibitors is enormous and really offers the right thing for everyone, without being lengthy or even boring.

On the contrary!

The selection of speakers was world-class.

We are talking about legends in our sport, such as Brian Germain, Rob Kendall, James La Barrie, Pablo Perazolli, Damien Sorlin, Maxine Tate, Noah Watts….just to name a few.

And at the latest when the man who was being treated as a top secret surprise speaker suddenly stood in front of us, it was clear to everyone: this symposium has arrived where it belongs. In the absolute top league of skydiving events.

Bill Booth (UPT) himself, the inventor of pretty much every important component of today’s parachute systems!

I know, by now you’re sweating!

Behind closed doors, of course, people simply spoke of the “Godfather of the parachute”. Does he like that? I don’t know. But I think he has to live with it. At the latest after his talk about the history of skydiving, the equipment and, above all, his inventions, which make life so much easier for all of us, make fun possible and, above all, have already saved the lives of many people. Bill: Thank you for an unforgettable event. It was outstanding, entertaining, funny and educational in equal measure.

Just as interesting as it was informative: the exhibition of manufacturers and dealers.

New products were presented, tips were given, training courses were held and information was exchanged.

Whether new harnesses, parachutes, helmets, or also very interesting: skydiving simulators, which are now able to reproduce freefall and canopy flight very realistically. We all agreed that this segment will probably play an increasingly important role in training and education in the future.

But back to the symposium:

The European Skydiving Symposium is the biggest skydiving-oriented conference in the CEE region and the only conference of this size in Europe. Experts, members of the skydiving community, instructors, and gear specialists from our industry discuss, give lectures and exhibit. The focus here is clearly on safety in skydiving. The expo is an addition to more than 40 safety-related seminars. It’s an event with various presentations about safety, incident analysis, discussion panels, debates, new innovations… The list is long.

And of course not to be sneezed at: The personal exchange of experiences within the community which had traveled to Poland from over 30 countries. Of course, we were also particularly pleased that our Skydive Nation concept met with great interest. And so we were able to win over a few interesting people.
More on this soon.

We got to know so many interesting people, made contacts and experienced many beautiful, funny, serious and helpful moments.

I mean, every community at every Drop Zone is unique. But just imagine being able to collect all the conversations from an entire season, squeeze them out and enjoy them as a concentrate! Red Bull can pack their bags! … although we were quite happy that this energy blessing is available in a can! Because the days were long and exciting.

Skydiving Simulator at European Skydiving Symposium!

Skydiving Simulator

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the organizers of the ESS in Warsaw!
You did a really good job and made us want more!

Speaking of more:
Take the last week of February 2026 off!

Because the European Skydiving Symposium will then take place in beautiful Seville, Spain! Co-Organizer will be the friends from Skydive Spain! Oleeee!!!

Thank you (I think I already said that once or twice) and BLUE SKIES!

Brian Germain and Skydive Nation at the ESS

Brian Germain

Performance Designs Cypres Workshop


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