That’s how discounts work today

A new way to get a huge discount on tandem jumps!
Instead of paying an agency the booking fee, guests simply get a big discount directly on every tandem jump!
Exclusively on Skydive Nation!

The German drop zone Flying Bones in Tannheim is leading the way!
Anyone who wants to make a tandem jump simply enters the discount code, which can be found on the Skydive Nation page of the Flying Bones, when ordering on the Drop Zone website and immediately receives the agreed discount.

We are pleased to be able to make this offer and provide a real advantage for Drop Zones and especially for anyone who wants to get a taste of skydiving.

We look forward to extending this offer to other drop zones. True to our motto: to bring the whole skydiving world together in one place and make the life of every skydiver easier.

Skydiving Tandem Jump Skydive Voss

Why shouldn’t your Drop Zone and Tandem guests also benefit from a direct discount?

The detour via an agency undoubtedly has advantages. However, in view of ever new regulations in voucher sales, it is becoming increasingly difficult to offer vouchers at full value, which often leads to irritation among customers when they have to pay the surcharge at the drop zone.
Perhaps you would also like to benefit from the direct discount?
Whether you’re a Drop Zone operator or a guest – we’re always happy to help.
Blue Skies!
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