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Skip the lead times for a new UPT rig!

Hello up there in the sky and on mother earth!

We’re going out today with some information that should please everyone who wants to treat themselves to a new rig from UPT!

SKYVOSS has reserved another slot for 2025!
Here you can put together your new rig absolutely carefree, get advice and the best:
Sky Voss will also take care of the entire process.
This is your chance to get your hands on a new rig as quickly as possible! In spring 2025 to be precise!

Just visit SKYVOSS/UPT-SLOT , join the list and they will contact you with further details and availability.

By the way, we tested this process ourselves last year and are super happy with how it went!
When the rig arrives in March, we will of course let you take a closer look at it.

Blue skies everyone!

Skyvoss Slot New UPT rig
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